Farmer & Betts, Inc.


Our mission is to expand the number of employers who maintain a quality retirement plan

What we believe:

  1. Our private retirement plan system works!

    Small and medium sized employers have tremendous tax incentives to sponsor retirement plans. As the owners get more they must provide more to their employees. Everyone wins. It is a beautiful thing.

  2. A quality retirement plan has employer contributions and helps its participants financially prepare for retirement.

  3. Advisors are the most important factor in the success of a retirement plan.

    Their role in providing regular enrollment meetings and helping the sponsor with their fiduciary duties is vital. Supporting them is an important part of what we do. We keep them in the driver’s seat on new opportunities, informed of changes and goings on that relate to them, training on how to be a great plan advisor, and help make their jobs easier.

  4. We help our Advisors to make more money on their plans through higher contributions.

    The more our advisors profit off their plans the more time they will be able to afford to spend servicing their retirement plan clients.

  5. The client is in charge.

    We help clients by providing options. We do not force clients to choose an option or fix that we may prefer.

  6. Simpler is better.

    In our touch points we strive to maintain simplicity. We want the plan to be as easy as possible for the plan sponsor. We try to provide less places to sign, combine disclosures, provide simple summaries with more details available, etc.

  7. We balance Employees, Growth, and Profits equally.

    It is a balance. We expect that they will all do well together. Happy, dedicated, long term employees are key to our success.

Our Culture

Our staff are what makes us great. We have amazing people working here. They work very hard and expect and deserve to be rewarded for their efforts. We will continue to have very high standards regarding whom we bring on to our team.

We maintain a high degree of knowledge of the rules and regulations. ASPPA certifications are strongly encouraged and supported. All employees participate in continuing education.

We favor results and ability over experience. We strive to give all employees the opportunity to be recognized and advanced in proportion to their results and contributions. Experience is valuable in so much as it translates into results. We believe in meritocracy!